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Succulent Gardens San Diego
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Succulent Garden

An Authentic Southwest Gardening Tradition

The succulent plant family thrives in dry and hot habitats, therefore many of its species feature fleshy leaves which hold large amounts of water. When different species of succulent plants are arranged together the result is an aesthetically magnetic and exotic garden. Our garden boasts 20 types of cacti, more than 30 different aloes, and 60 exotic succulents. Coming from all over the world, some of these specimens are as old as 100 years and can grow up to 20 feet in height. 

A Sample List of our Exotic Succulents  

  •   Aloe Acutisima—South Africa
  •   Aloe Cameronii—Zimbabwe & Malawi
  •   Dracena Draco "dragon tree"—Canary Islands
  •   Aloe Bainesii—South Africa
  •   Aloe Bainesii—South Africa
  •   Beucarnia Recurvatum—Mexico
  •   Agave species—Mexico
  •   Trichocereus Volcanensis—South America
  •   Gymnocalcium Horstii—South America
  •   Melocactus cactus species—Brazil
  •   Aloe Comptonii—South Africa
  •   Astrophytum Ornatum—Mexico
  •   Trichocereus Volcanensis—South America
  •   Hibiscus, Guadalupe Island—Baja California
  •   Aloe Dichotoma—Namibia & South Africa